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Twitter appears to be experiencing a massive outage.

The social network appears to be completely down . Visiting Twitter.com results in “no data received” messages and third-party Twitter apps such as Hootuite are giving out “Twitter API is busy” messages.

We don’t know much about the outage, but Twitter did add a message to its official status page, pointing out that “users may be experiencing issues accessing” the social networking service.

No word on when the issues will be resolved, but Twitter engineers are supposedly “currently working” on it.

Update 1 :  The issue has been resolved and all services are currently operational.

Update 2 :  Hackers Take Credit for Twitter Outages

Twitter has been up and down throughout Thursday — and now a group of hackers known as UGNazi is taking credit for causing the outages.

“We just #TangoDown’d twitter.com for 40 minutes worldwide! #UGnazi,” reads a tweet sent from @UG on Thursday afternoon that was directed at accounts associated with the more well-known and widespread Anonymous hacker collective, as well as the media outlet Russia Today.

Twitter, meanwhile, is claiming the outage is due to a “cascaded bug” in an infrastructure component, making no mention of hackers.

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