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With Google Drive out, the cloud sync market is pretty much defined. There are plenty of players, but three stand out and offer the most similar set of features, Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft SkyDrive.



Free Storage :

In terms of disk space in the cloud, SkyDrive offers you the most bang for your non-buck. While there are other ways to bump up your Dropbox storage without paying, all new SkyDrive users get the full 7GB from the get-go. Better still, if you’re an existing SkyDrive user and you install the new app you’ll get a whopping 25GB at no charge.

Platform Support :

Both Microsoft and Google released apps for their own mobile platforms while simultaneously snubbing each other’s. All three services offer iOS, Windows, and Mac apps, but Dropbox is the one to use if you run a Linux system or own a BlackBerry smartphone.


Of course, there’s nothing forcing you to pick, you can install all three side by side and have more than 50 GB of free cloud storage.


Google Drive: 5 GB default | 5 GB maximum

SkyDrive: 7 GB default | 25 GB maximum – if you have an older SkyDrive account

Dropbox: 2 GB default | ~22 GB – 24 GB maximum – referral bonus, beta testing bonus, etc.



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