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Soon when you logout of Facebook, you could be greeted with a full recreation of the Bing home page, complete with pretty photo and an active search box.When you type in a query and press Enter, you’re taken out of Facebook to a separate Bing search results page.

At Marketing Conference , Facebook explained that over 37 million people log out every day, which offers huge potential for advertisers. The new log out ad unit is an option inside Premium On Facebook, a new paid campaign businesses can sign up for that also includes News Feed ads and Mobile app ads.

Microsoft made a hefty early investment (which is now worth more than $1 billion) in Facebook, and even powers web search results that can appear inside the site’s internal search bar. Facebook’s new ads likely won’t bother users (since they’ve already @ logged out Page), and will provide a new opportunity for advertisers to turn the log out page into the coveted back page of a newsstand magazine.

Now that the Yahoo deal has seemingly fallen apart, Microsoft is even more eager to expand its search footprint against arch rival Google. Google reached a large search agreement with MySpace a few years ago, guaranteeing $900 million in payments over 3.75 years. Since that time, there have been rumors that Google has been dissatisfied with the monetization performance of MySpace’s search traffic.

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Source: TheVerge,TechCrunch,Facebook