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  • Do you travel by train? And, would you like us to call you and wake you up just in time to get down?
  • Do you want to be on time to receive your guest instead of waiting when the train is delayed?

Then, PYKA is For You

Sample Message

PYKA 12677 SBC 16-01-2012
This message sets a wake-up phone call for Bangalore City-Ernakulam Intercity Express reaching Bangalore City on 16-08-2011

Message Format

pyka train_number station_code [arrival_date] [mobile] [minutes]

train_number Number of the train in which the passenger travels
station_code Station before which wakeup call is to be made
[arrival_date] (optional) Date of arrival at the destination for future journeys
[mobile] (optional) Mobile number, if different from the sender
[minutes] (optional) Minutes before reaching the station, when alarm needs
to be raised (default: 20 minutes)

Disclaimer: The service is in beta testing phase. SMS delivery and Voice calls  depend upon a number of factors including network connectivity, congestion, and the phone being powered on. Also, alarms can sometimes use the schedule information.

Source : Pyka